…beforehand it meant to survive a special thrill: Volker Maria Maier and his partner Nicole electrified the audience with their multiple medaled fire-show. Sudden explosions, fire-eating and burning ropes led to excited ovations. Especially in the first tiers, you definitely come across the fact that this show is hot: in any sense. And a risky business.

Glocke Paderborn

Like a master of ballet, Volker Maria Maier is always in the spotlight. The artist with the youthful smile makes the devil-sticks dance in the air, as if juggling was easier than washing the dishes.


Volker Maria Maier is not only an outstanding juggler, but his show has a unique kind of choreography with which he aims to win first prize at the Koblenz’ Juggling Festival.

Rhein und Mosel, Koblenz

Volker Maria Maier presents an outstanding artistic performance: “The art of climbing into a balloon.” With his fantasy show ‘Moonballoon’, he is one of the best artists on the variety theatre scene.

Die Welt

Juggler Volker Maria Maier’s show is almost mystical. He doesn’t just throw his devil-sticks in the air – he uses the batons to perform a sensual dance, using every inch of the stage.

Sonnabend nr. 795.4.97

Even the juggler Volker Maria Maier knew that he’d given a convincing and breathtaking show, through his skillful combination of illuminated balloons, batons and music.


The GOP program had yet another highlight – Volker Maria Maier started by simply twirling some batons, but quickly escalated his devil-stick performance into a really diabolical game.

Varieté Sonderbeilage of Circus-Zeitung

The artist Volker Maria Maier was diabolically good – he’s the best thing to come out of the variety theatre scene in recent times.

Stadtspiegel Bottrop

Volker Maria Maier is hugely versatile. With torch-swinging, clubs and devil-sticks, he offered a fascinating show of skill of dexterity.

Marburger Neue Zeitung

…and Volker Maria Maier proved with his breathtaking devil-stick show, that gravity can indeed be overcome.


The performance of Volker Maria Maier (from Berlin) was both exciting and fascinating. He presented an incredible juggling show with fire-torches and clubs.

OP Marburg

Volker Maria Maier is a firmly established artist of variety theatre, who is, in the truest sense of the word, ‘diabolically good’. His devil-stick show paves the way for the next generation of ‘New Age Variety Theatre’. His many years of experience and training in dance, acrobatics, and juggling are evident in the perfection of his show.

Dirk Schürmann c/o SAS PressePartner GbR, Essen

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