Big Fire Show

The huge Fire Spectacular

Imagine fire… and everybody likes it!

Volker Maria Maier works together with many fire artists, creating grandiose productions with overwhelming pyro and fire effects. The term fire show gets a new, breathtaking dimension in these productions. Depending on the occasion, place and desired effect, you can choose from great fire productions that pay homage to the element fire. Not only the torches burn but also the performers… burn with passion for fire.


Fire shows of 20-40min. 100% professionally staged. Be it with sophisticated choreographies, fire-eaters, live drummers, elaborate stage pyrotechnics, fire-eaters or aerial acrobatics. Let yourself be infected by the enthusiasm for fire and offer your guests an absolutely unforgettable experience. Fire shows with 4-6 fire artists for large outdoor events are our speciality and are without doubt the highlight of every event. We bring along imaginative stage decoration with fire bowls, fire stands and scenery.