Illumination Show

Light Jugglin


Illumination Show

In this show it’s the light itself that leaves its mark… self-luminous requisites, like shining sticks, LED-Balls and shining clubs, are being thrown into the air, perfectly synchronized to the music. This is how Volker Maria Maier paints intriguing images of light in the darkness. As unique as the show is also the fancy dress: made of LED-Material. Apart from the whirling requisites, this show makes movement itself become part of the art. Changing colors and characters will catch the audience’s attention.

You can also book this show for all the venues, where fire-shows are prohibited.

your logo in best quality

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Your logo in best quality

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Your company logo in the LED Show

It is possible to include pictures and short sentens into the Show, this makes the Show even more spectacular and fitting perfect to your event.

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