Fire Show

1-2 performer

Fire show from Berlin

Volker Maria Maier’s fire-shows have a long tradition. The performances are adapted to the conditions of the venue and setting, which will guarantee you a perfect event. Security is always a priority-concern, which means that pyrotechnical-effects are only made use of when the setting provides a non-dangerous level. A special indoor-pyrotechnic allows these effects even in indoor-locations. You can also book big fire-shows, consisting of several fire-artists.


“fire magic” – one man fire show

THE HOT SPOT – love fire? Don’t miss this show! Volker Maria Maier plays out the entire range of fire-effects, all waved into this performance: fire-breathing, burning devil-sticks, or burning ropes – Volker Maria Maier presents himself as an outstanding and all-round-talent of fire-tricks. Backed by a rocky sound, he conquers your senses in a breath. This show consists of different parts and can be specially designed for the desires and needs of your guests. We also make use of pyrotechnic for this show.

Duration: 9 -12 min.

“fire in motion” – 2 performer fire show

This impressive fire-show with two performers, combines the artistic abilities of Volker Maria Maier with the fascinating flexibility of Nicole, a renowned contortionist. It shows a fascinating interpretation of the issue of fire on highest artistic level, revealing the full palate of skills of these two artists. The performers and flames merge together to produce a ground-breaking depiction of the impassioned human body. The show is accompanied by powerful music and supported by awe-inspiring pyrotechnics.