the man in the balloon

The funny show in the biggest balloon in the world!

…from a different planet: this funny show makes water match with artistry. Through its fanciful dramaturgy, the audience is lead to an underwater-world, where Volker Maria Maier enchants his spectators: shining balloons are turned into magic eyes… this- and other witty ideas, will certainly entertain you and make the audience laugh. Apart from the skillful artistry, it’s the poetic of the production that is stunning. Maier makes a whole world of dreams fit into one single balloon.

Balloon Water Show

Volker Maria Maier is the man in the balloon. Individual productions for your event are possible. In the musical „Laura’s Star“ Volker Maria Maier is not to be seen with his show about water but as a mysterious balloon master in a silver costume. At Stars in der Manege he staged the performance of Jeanett Biedermann in a balloon.


  • This show is well suited as an enrichment in a show program or to get in the mood for the evening.
  • The show is not specifically aimed at children, but is very popular with the little ones and is therefore suitable for all family events.
  • The theme of water is omnipresent in the show. But there are also productions with fast-paced music and in neutral costumes.
  • The balloon show can also be shown open air.
    Longer combinations with juggling and comedy are also possible.
  • Duration: ca 8-10min