Volker Maria Maier presents his show at all kinds of events – like exhibitions, festivals, gala shows… As a result he is well-known in famous Variety Clubs, such as Roncalli, Las Vegas. Due to his exceptional juggling abilities, he has already been engaged as a juggling coach at the Chinese State Circus, and in K.H. Ziethen’s book ‘Virtuosos of Juggling’ he is described as a ‘master of his craft’.



Vakantie- en Attractiepark Slagharen / Legoland Deutschland



Variety Clubs

GOP Varieté, Hannober / GOP Varieté Essen / Luna Varieté, Dortmund, Star-Club Kassel / Kristallpalest, Leipzig / Chamäleon Varieté, Berlin / Skala-Varieté, Bielefeld / Bar jeder Vernunft, Berlin / Schmidt Theater, Hamburg / BKA, Berlin / Steintor-Varieté, Halle / Traumzirkus Salome / Chriz Crazy Winter-Wonderland, Augsburg / Tempodrom, Berlin / Theater Art’n Brut, Theatertage von Barcelona, Spain / Tempodrom Kinderzirkus (Taborka), Japan (Tour), Germany (Tour) / Comedy Club “Kookaburra”, Berlin / Varieté im Ziegelbau, Bamberg / Friedrichsbau, Stuttgart..

Shows & Events

Roncalli Cafe in Aachen / Hotel Casino Hacienda in Las Vegas, IJA Convention / Tollwood Festival, München / Karl-Heinz Ziethens ‘Night of Juggling’ – a homage to Enrico Rastelli / BMV / International Juggling Meeting in Karlsruhe / McKinsey, Sardinia / Keramag / Merci / Ferrari-Club, Switzerland / Gardena / Hotel Chipriany u. San Clemente Palace, Venice / Bavaria Studios München, Medicine Conference / Sparkasse / Milupa / Restaurant Lembach in Munich / General Electric / Red Bull / Berliner Bank / Opel / Pirelli / Berliner Bank / FVD Insurance / Samsung / Siemens / Schott Glas St. Moritz / Berliner Bank / Ruhrgas / Mercedes…


‘Stars in the Arena’ in Circus Krone with Jeanette Biedermann / WDR-Casting Club / MDR – Evaluate Yourself / B1-Hexenkessel with Romy Haag / Kinderkanal Tiegerenten Club / RTL – The Doom Fireshow with ‘Rednecs’


Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka, Japan / Circus Festival Tournai, Belgium. Prize of the Circus Association of Monaco / Festival of the Music Hall ’97 Jerres, Paris / Prix Meghan Organisation / Third International Circus Festival in Budapest 2000. ‘Prize of the Children’ / Festival of Cirque de Demain `97 in Amiens, Special Prize Bourse Louis Merlin / First Prize in a TV talentshow called ‘Casting Club’ / First Prize in a competition betwen Circus Schools in Belgium


Exhibition Moscow, WinGas / Exhibition Lissabon, Pfitzer / Exhibition Berlin, Medtronic / Meffert Gruppe, Rüsselscheim


Between 1998 and 2004 Volker Maria Maier worked as a coach at the State Artistic School of China (Kunming). He taught members of the Chinese State Circus the art of devil-stick juggling. He has also taught fire-breathing at the Berlin Ensemble Theatre. In a German-French cooperation, run by the embassies of these nations, he also taught fire-artistry in Sanaa, Yemen.


Volker Maria Maier worked on the MS Albatros / Splendour of the Sea / Maxim Gorki
Education / Training
3 years training in acrobatics, dance and juggling in Berlin (juggling training with Todd Strong).