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Juggling, The Past and Future

From Karl-Heinz Ziethen
Hardcover, 600 Seiten
Price: 152,32 € (exkl. MwSt)

Karl-Heinz Ziethen’s long awaited book „Juggling – The Past and Future“ is a new, extended edition of his previous double volume masterpiece „4,000 Years of Juggling „.

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Jongleur Cartoons

Juggler – Cartoons

Collected jokes and cartoons around the juggler.
Author: Karl Heinz Ziethen
(64 Seiten, S/W )
Price 9,95 €
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Virtuosos of Juggling

Karl-Heinz Ziethens new book charts the history of juggling from 2000 B.C. up to present date, and profiles the most important jugglers of the last century. In his description of Volker Maria Maier, Ziethen describes him as a “master of his craft”.

Published in the US.


ISBN : 0-9741848-0-2


Die Kaskade

Die Kaskade’ is a magazine for jugglers in Europe, including performance dates, workshops and other interesting news for jugglers. In edition 51, you’ll find a detailed article about Volker Maria Maier’s work in China.

ISSN : 1432-9085

Chamäleon Variete

Das Chamäleon

This book contains a detailed description of Variety Theatre at the famous ‘Hackische Höfe’ in Berlin, and includes many photographs of Volker Maria Maier.

Author: Veronica Giesler.

ISBN : 3-930687-40-2


Devil Stick

An excellent textbook on devil-sticks, written by Todd Strong, a former coach of Volker Maria Maier.

ISBN : 3-89535-408-2



The most important and comprehensive book on jugglers and their art, with hundreds of photos and lots of information, 361 pages.

Author: Karl-Heinz Ziethen.

ISBN : 3-9801140-1-5


The Worlds greatest Jugglers

This book details the lives of four of the most famous jugglers of the world: Enrico Rastelli, Francis Brunn, Sergei Ignatow, Anthony Gatto.

Author: Karl-Heinz Ziethen

ISBN : 3-9801140-9-0


Lo Spettacolo del Corpo

Everything you’d ever what to know about jugglers and variety theatre artists from Italy.

Author: Allessandro Serena, Emilio Vita